Giovanni "Joey" Aletriz
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Born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania on April 03, 1989.
Died in Ephrata, Pennsylvania on February 04, 2006.
   And Joey had a very good life in between. So much so that he was always trying to bring anyone home that needed help. His first stay in crisis at the hospital their was a little girl there whos family had given up on her and abandoned her. Joey said "M'm, you see that girl over there? well she don't have nobody. You think you can adopt her so she can have a good life like I do?" I liked to cry. Here my son was in crisis and he's thinking about anothers well being. I told him "Baby, I can't save the world, I'm trying to save you." But I guess the jokes on me because now I'm working on helping save all the children left behind in situations and places like the one where Joey was killed.
Passed away on February 04, 2006 at the age of 16.
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