Giovanni "Joey" Aletriz
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His legacy
An all around Artist  

 Joeys' gift was art.  Joey loved to draw cartoons and characters   and was getting very good at drawing people. Joey said he wanted to put his talent God blessed him with into be a Cosmetologist.

  He said "I get to be around beautiful women, its art and I get paid for it"
  Although I raised Joey to believe in the Bible 

and  in the lord Jesus Christ, Joey gave his heart to God in Islam  days

 before he died. When he called to tell me he said "Mom, don't be mad...I took my Shahara, I became Muslem" I told him  

"Baby, wherever you found God that's fine with me, because I Love You." 
  And he was HAPPY.

Joey Loved ALL kinds of music.

From Rap to Rock to Oldies to Slow Jams, Joey loved to listen to the music. 

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